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Summer Program

For Kindergarten Age Children

Starting July

Summer Adventures!

LBA's Summer Program is an unforgettable experience for your growing little one. This program combines our time-tested quality curriculum with all the fun of a summer camp!

Check out this year's schedule for a list of the inclusive activities your child can be part of!


Week 1, July 10-14:

Astronomy Week

Arts & crafts: stars & planets, constellation jars, rocketships


Week 2, July 17-21:

Under the Sea

Visitor: Mobile Sea Lab Aquarium

Arts & crafts: sand castles, seashell paintings, jar aquariums

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Week 3, July 24-28:

Art Expression Week

Arts & crafts: Rainbow toast, mosaics, painting clay

Week 4, July 31-August 4:

Dance to the Music

Visitors: Music instructor, digital instruments

Arts & crafts: Working drums, MARACAS, paper flutes

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Week 5, August 7-11:

Little Scientists

Visitor: Netiquette

Experiments: soda geyser, making rain, reconstituting paper

Week 6, August 14-18:

Fun & Fitness Week

Visitor: Karate instructor

Exercises: Push-ups & sit-ups, weightlifting, yoga, 

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Week 7, August 21-25:

Little Chefs

Recipes: Homemade waffles, pizzas with homemade dough, quesadillas with guacamole & salsa

Week 8, August 28-September 1:

All About Animals Week

Visitor: Critter Squad

Arts & crafts: Chicken & frog life cycles, snakes, chameleons

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