Redondo Beach Teachers

Ms. Vee

Toddler class (Ages 2 - 3)

Ms. Vee had already been working in childcare for nearly a decade, when her love of children inspired her to go all-in as a teacher.

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    Ms. Vee is a strong believer in staying active, being a habitual surfer and hiker. Bringing this knowledge and experience into the preschool makes her class one of the most physically active.Depending on what age group she teaches, that might mean dancing, clapping to music, or yoga.

    Ms. Vee also emphasizes arts & crafts: She and her class are responsible for the spectacles you see at special events like graduation.

    No matter what the lesson is, a good day for Ms. Vee is one where she sees that the children are happy.


Ms. Djoni

Toddler class (Ages 2 - 3)

Ms. Djoni became a teacher to be a positive example for future generations - to experience the excitement of young children learning, of kids having fun.

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    That’s what has kept and still keeps her motivated and loving her job for thirteen (13) years, even as she tries to juggle school, work, and family all at once. All this work is worth the reward of knowing that parents are happy with a student’s progress and that the children get to learn. Ms. Djoni’s favorite activity is arts and crafts, witnessing the ingenuity and creativity of her students.

    When it comes time for vacation, Ms. Djoni likes to travel with her family and experience different places around the country. When she gets back home, what Ms. Djoni loves most about LBA is the great management and the teachers who are dedicated to doing their best for the children, to being positive examples for future generations.

Ms. Tigi - *Floor Director*

Preschool class (Ages 3 - 4)

Ms. Tigi is the floor director for the Redondo Beach preschool and toddler classes, at the same time she teaches her own class. She has been working with children for over ten (10) years.

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    Ms. Tigi loves teaching, playing, guiding and generally being around kids. Her favorite part of the job is seeing her students grow in a good manner: Learning how to move, communicate, and use their new academic skills.

    Ms. Tigi is a singer, not just by trade but as a way of life, so she never gets tired of singing alphabet songs, the days and months, or rhythmic exercise.

    After a few days in Ms. Tigi’s class, your child will be bringing the songs home to practice with for hours. Maybe a few too many hours for your taste, but hey, it’s a great way to learn.

Ms. Kaitlynn

Preschool class (Ages 3 - 4)

Time flies when you’re having fun. Ms. Kaitlynn's time flies when she’s teaching.

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    She loves knowing that she’s making a positive difference in the kid’s lives. For Ms. Kaitlynn, the most rewarding thing about teaching is watching her students grow and learn everyday.

    Outside of the classroom, Ms. Kaitlynn is an avid reader and also works as an event coordinator. She graduated from CSUN with her B.S. in Recreation, Tourism, and Hospitality Management.

    What she loves most about LBA is the opportunity it offers: an opportunity to grow and to learn, to have a day so full of fun that it just flies by.


Ms. Kassandra

Transitional Kindergarten class (Ages 4 - 5)

Ms. Kassandra has always loved being around children, and has had jobs working with them since she was in high school– over eight (8) years ago– finding summer programs at other preschools and childcare centers.

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    Seeing the smiles and the love is the highlight of her day. Transitioning from caretaker to educator is just an added bonus.

    Ms. Kassandra became a preschool teacher, in her own words, “to be a part of the process of shaping their minds.” Her favorite class activity is anything to do with art, because every child’s unique personality is reflected through it. Seeing children express themselves artistically is truly an insight into their minds.

    When Ms. Kassandra is not with children, she’s with her two dogs, most often taking a stroll at the beach or curling up with a good book.

Ms. Sue - *Team Captain*

Transitional Kindergarten class (Ages 4 - 5)

Ms. Sue lives by the nutritionist’s motto of eating right and staying active. Her main pastimes are volleyball and zumba, supported by her own fabulous home cooking.

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    Ms. Sue has been a preschool teacher for over five (5) years because she knows she can make a difference in every child’s future. Her favorite activity to do with her students is applying math lessons through cooking.

    Out of all the teachers at Redondo Beach, parents most often request for their child to be in Ms. Sue’s class. That’s because she makes a personal connection with everyone who visits her class, especially the students.

    Ms. Sue focuses on imparting lasting skills, so that by the end of the school year, her students can practice independently.

Ms. Liliana

Kindergarten class (Ages 5 - 6)

Ms. Liliana has practiced her love of child development for over fifteen (15) years. Her favorite part of the job is seeing a child blossom into a confident learner.

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    Ms. Liliana has a passion for language, especially the artistic side. This leads to a class focused on phonics: Her students excel at understanding words and growing their vocabulary.

    After they've got the basics, they move on to storytelling and interactive discussions. Sharing original thoughts is a gateway to higher learning. Ms. Liliana also emphasizes being responsible and good citizens.

    In her spare time, she likes to read books, watch movies, and to knit and crochet.

Ms. DeJahnae

Transitional Kindergarten class (Ages 4 - 5)

Ms. DeJahnae is enthusiastic and engaging with children. She emphasizes painting and drawing to help her students unleash their imagination.

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    When Ms. DeJahnae was a little girl, she would look after all her little cousins and pretend to be their teacher. As she grew up, she realized that her passion was more than a scenario to play with; teaching became the only thing she wanted to do.

    She got her wish over ten (10) years ago. What makes her most proud of being a teacher is when a parent tells her how much their child loves her.

    Back at home, Ms. DeJahnae is a lover of literature, especially poetry.

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