Medical Center Teachers

Ms. Janet

Toddler class (Ages 2 - 3)

Ms. Janet’s heart soars when she knows students come to her class with enthusiasm, when they share a warm greeting with her.

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    Remember when you’d pretend to be a dragon, or a knight, or a wild horse, or a comic book superhero back in elementary school? While most of us would role play dramatically saving the world, Janet would role play being a teacher (so... saving the world).

    Coming out of school, it was tough to find a job, but Ms. Janet is overjoyed to be working with kids now at LBA. Her favorite class activities include dancing with her students and building with blocks.

    Ms. Janet is a student herself, currently working towards a Bachelor's degree in Child Development. On her off hours, she loves to go to theme parks and cinemas, maybe even watching some of those characters most of us had role-played in elementary school while Ms. Janet was busy practicing being a teacher.

Ms. Mitra

Toddler class (Ages 2 - 3)

The world of children - exciting and full of energy - is Ms. Mitra’s favorite place to be. Every night at home she’s thinking of fun new activities for her LBA kids.

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    Ms. Mitra has been working in this world for eight (8) years, and she loves it to the moon and back. Arts like painting are her favorite things to do with her class, and nothing beats the joy of witnessing, and being a part of, children learning and progressing!

    When Ms. Mitra isn’t teaching, she’s usually reading, exercising, or cooking. Ms. Mitra is also a certified beauty consultant! But in the end what she loves most is to be a part of LBA’s friendly and organized environment, a part of the exciting and energetic world of children.

Ms. Naheed

Toddler class (Ages 2 - 3)

Ms. Naheed knows the importance of finding joy in one’s professional work. She teaches children how to express themselves and to play responsibly.

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    Ms. Naheed uses art and music to keep the classroom lively. The consequences of art provide many opportunities to work on organization and cleanliness.

    Teaching is Ms. Naheed’s favorite of all the jobs she’d had, and that’s why she’s kept it up for almost twenty (20) years. Students can tell when a teacher is excited about the lessons.

    When she’s not shaping young minds, Ms. Naheed likes to go out and make friends. She also volunteers for charity to help homeless people.

Ms. Adriana

Preschool class (Ages 3 - 4)

Ms. Adriana fell in love with childcare back in 1999 when she first became a part-time teacher. She helps kids become creative and feels the love they give in return.

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    Ms. Adriana devotes a lot of time to language skills, to give each child tools to move forward from their individual level. No matter how simple the task or how advanced, she is always checking in to make sure everyone understands.

    Ms. Adriana believes in lifelong learning – certifications are just milestones, not the end. That’s why she continues to take workshops, seminars, and training in child education at the same time she’s working.

    She still manages to find time for fun, when she usually goes outdoors for a hike or swim.

Ms. Daniesha

Preschool class (Ages 3 - 4)

Ms. Daniesha started working with children over ten (10) years ago, with a vision that everyone has the potential to be both a student and a mentor.

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    Ms. Daniesha became a preschool teacher because the youngest children offer unique perspectives. "I not only enjoy teaching them, but also their way of teaching me." She loves seeing the different ways that each child grows and develops.

    Ms. Daniesha’s class places an emphasis on what she calls manipulatives, ways of learning that engage the student's sense of touch. These activities range from writing, to imaginative play, to practical applications of math.

    Her favorite things to do with her students are on the artistic side: Music, painting, and hands-on crafts. If you walk into her class, you’ll always see something being created.

    Outside of work, Ms. Daniesha loves creative pursuits such as cooking, painting, and swimming, which activate both the body and the mind.

Ms. Kathryn

Preschool class (Ages 3 - 4)

Ms. Kathryn’s favorite part of teaching is the warm, joyful glow as a child shares a smile, while proudly displaying their work. She loves making her class happy.

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    Even when a challenge arises, and a child is having trouble settling down, Ms. Kathryn reminds herself that she was just as full of energy when she was young, they’re just kids, and they have a lot yet to learn. This is where she comes in as a teacher. She has always loved being around kids, understanding what they’re going through, making them confident and comfortable, and that love hasn’t weakened at all in her eight (8) years of teaching.

    What Ms. Kathryn loves most about LBA is that it doesn’t even feel like working, with the comfortable and homey atmosphere. In addition to teaching, she also enjoys traveling, visiting new places, trying different food (yum!), spending time with her nephews, and catching up on some reading! She’s working towards getting her B.A. in Education (and a B.A. in Philosophy) so she can help her students out even more - so she can experience again and again that warm, joyful glow as children share their smiles.

Ms. Taregus

Transitional Kindergarten class (Ages 4 - 5)

Ms. Taregus has a passion within her heart for working with kids. That passion led to her decision to become a teacher, and to stay with that decision for over twenty (20) years.

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    Ms. Taregus uses a lot of class time to hammer home the basics: Numbers, letters, shapes, colors. One thing at a time until everyone is ready to move on. Academic fundamentals are important skills for everyone to have. Being comfortable with the basics makes it easy to move on to a more advanced level.

    For Ms. Taregus, the most rewarding parts of teaching are seeing her students progress, and hearing how proud their families are.

    Outside of the school, Ms. Taregus likes to read, watch movies, and listen to music, but not all at once.

Ms. Ronda

Transitional Kindergarten class (Ages 4 - 5)

Ms. Ronda has an unconditional love for each of her students. She strives to build upon each child’s strengths and help them develop in their own ways.

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    Ms. Ronda is dedicated, patient, and kind. She adopts a gentle demeanor with her students in order to create a comfortable environment that supports learning.

    Moving from lively, spontaneous playing time to a quiet, focused lesson helps to instill listening skills, patience, and concentration. Once the students have transitioned to mindful attention, Ms. Ronda takes the opportunity to focus on writing. This is a set of techniques she has developed through experience, from over twenty (20) years as a teacher.

    As soon as she steps outside of the school, it’s not hard to convince her to get wild and silly with a family karaoke session.

Ms. DeJahnae

Transitional Kindergarten class (Ages 4 - 5)

Ms. DeJahnae is enthusiastic and engaging with children. She emphasizes painting and drawing to help her students unleash their imagination.

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    When Ms. DeJahnae was a little girl, she would look after all her little cousins and pretend to be their teacher. As she grew up, she realized that her passion was more than a scenario to play with; teaching became the only thing she wanted to do.

    She got her wish over ten (10) years ago. What makes her most proud of being a teacher is when a parent tells her how much their child loves her.

    Back at home, Ms. DeJahnae is a lover of literature, especially poetry.

Ms. Inoka

Transitional Kindergarten class (Ages 4 - 5)

Ms. Inoka loves the opportunity to give her kids an education that will change their lives - an education that will help them leap to success later on.

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    Education has the chance to make an incredible positive impact on the lives of the students. Ms. Inoka knows this and she wants the best for her students. She’s been working with children for almost ten (10) years.

    When Ms. Inoka isn’t teaching, she loves to listen to music, and to read. She likes everything about LBA, but her very favorite part of teaching is when a child’s eyes light up in the wonder of learning something new.


Ms. Kassandra

Transitional Kindergarten class (Ages 4 - 5)

Ms. Kassandra has always loved being around children, and has had jobs working with them since she was in high school– over eight (8) years ago– finding summer programs at other preschools and childcare centers.

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    Seeing the smiles and the love is the highlight of her day. Transitioning from caretaker to educator is just an added bonus.

    Ms. Kassandra became a preschool teacher, in her own words, “to be a part of the process of shaping their minds.” Her favorite class activity is anything to do with art, because every child’s unique personality is reflected through it. Seeing children express themselves artistically is truly an insight into their minds.

    When Ms. Kassandra is not with children, she’s with her two dogs, most often taking a stroll at the beach or curling up with a good book.

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