Administrative Staff

These fine people work primarily in the office, helping things run smoothly in the background so that our teachers can focus on giving their students the love and attention they need.

For information about the teachers at each LBA preschool, scroll to the bottom of the page or click here for the Torrance school, here for Redondo Beach, and here for Torrance Medical Center.

Ms. Mary

Director - Torrance

Ms. Mary joined LBA as a teacher at first. She has over twenty (20) years of experience working specifically in preschools, and has spent the last (10) with us.

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    Ms. Mary is caring, nurturing, and responsible. She knew from a young age that she wanted to work with children, to be a positive influence shaping their future.

    Her day-to-day work is making sure the children have a safe and healthy learning environment. As an office worker, she checks student records to make sure everyone's individual needs are being met, and keeps track of the supplies needed to make that happen. She also steps into the classrooms when needed, interacting with the children often by reading stories to them or playing with them outside.

    She loves to do art and music with the children. The most rewarding part of Ms. Mary's job is seeing the kids grow up and move on to elementary school, and when they come to visit and share their success stories. It is fulfilling to be a role model. “I love seeing how I made an impact on their lives.”

    Ms. Mary has three children of her own, all high school- or college-age. She is a devoted mother and all around family-centered person. Most of the time when she leaves work, the rest of her day is spent with her family, in whatever form that may be.

Ms. Susan

Director & ADMINISTRATOR - Redondo Beach

Ms. Susan supervises the work of other employees, and counsels them whenever they need to solve a problem. “I’m like a mother to everyone here.”

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    In addition to her station in the Redondo Beach office, Ms. Susan is the administrator for all three schools. She makes sure that each campus has the staff and supplies they need. She also handles regular check-ins with government agencies such as the Department of Social Services.

    Ms. Susan doesn’t just work in the office though. Her skills are invaluable for newly enrolled students and their parents. For the first week, it can be difficult for a child to transition into the new environment. Whenever a new student is enrolled, Ms. Susan works alongside their teacher to help that child along, making sure they’re clean and fed, playing with them outside, or just talking one-on-one. “Younger kids need more help when they start. They need more nurturing from us. After the transition period, they’re okay.”

    One of the happenings that brightens Ms. Susan’s day is when new students start to look for her when they first come in. She also takes great pride in hearing the gratitude from parents who have witnessed the impact she’s had on their children.
    With a Bachelor’s degree in management, Ms. Susan has twenty (20) years of experience as a manager for various airlines. In 2002, she got a job at her brother’s school in Duarte, California, and that’s when she found her love for working with children. She moved to the South Bay in 2004 and has now been working with Leap & Bound Academy for over ten (10) years.

    Ms. Susan has a child of her own, who is now in her thirties (30s) and has gone on to make Ms. Susan a busy grandma. Although her grandchildren live far away, she is working towards enrolling them at Leap & Bound Academy. “Because I believe in the curriculum, I want all my family to come here and experience the well-balanced curriculum of LBA. I wish everybody could benefit from it.”

Ms. Erin

Director & Parent relationships manager - Medical Center

Ms. Erin’s work is primarily a matter of communication: She handles tours, maintains a rapport with parents, and counsels the other staff when they have some concern.

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    Ms. Erin joined Leap & Bound Academy because she loves children and the whole experience of working with them. Between running tours, she joins the classroom whenever a teacher has a new student. Her role in the class is to help the student transition into their new environment. It can be thrilling to see their reactions to new things, especially the imaginary light bulb moment when they “get” a new concept.

    It’s heartwarming for her to hear how comfortable families are with leaving their children here. Ms. Erin's favorite part of her job is the feedback from families who stay through kindergarten and knowing they're happy with their children's progress.

    Ms. Erin intimately understands the students’ perspectives, because she grew up in her family’s own daycare, founded before she was born. As a professional, she has been working with children for over fifteen (15) years. Ms. Erin is deep in the childcare world.

Chef Jose

Chef - Medical Center

Chef Jose is the mastermind behind Leap & Bound Academy’s hot lunches. He works in the Medical Center’s kitchen and delivers to all three schools.

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    Chef Jose makes what kids love. He enjoys the art of cooking and prides himself on making sure the children are happy to eat up. Chef Jose has been cooking since he was seventeen (17) years old, and been a professional chef for almost three decades. At home he continues to habitually clean, but also spends a lot of relaxation time with his wife.

Ms. Tiffany

Office Associate - Medical Center

Ms. Tiffany spends hours handling paperwork and juggling a million (okay, closer to five (5) or so) tasks at once, keeping track of who asked for what, and she loves it.

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    Ms. Tiffany loves the fulfillment of helping someone out, and she loves seeing all that behind the scenes paperwork come into fruition as she finishes a kid’s files and the child comes to school on their first day, or as she plans a field trip and then gets to see the kids having a blast.

    When she’s not working tirelessly, Ms. Tiffany doesn’t just lay down and take a nap. She loves exploring the world through the pages of a book or on hiking trails. When the time comes to return to work, Ms. Tiffany is ready to get back to LBA with a smile. Her favorite thing here is the hard work that Chef Jose puts into making each meal for the children nutritious and delicious.

Ms. Shayna

Office Associate - Torrance

Details, details, details. This is Ms. Shayna’s area of expertise. She may be in the office, but she’s got plenty of experience working with children, too.

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      Ms. Shayna gets wrapped up in specifics and wants to do her very best at whatever task is assigned. She volunteered for Friendship Circle throughout high school, and then at a preschool for a few months after college where she earned her bachelor's degree in Psychology.

      Ms. Shayna found that she liked working in a preschool setting and landed here at LBA! Her favorite thing about LBA is the attention paid to the children’s health and the wonderful meals the kids get everyday.

      Outside of work, Ms. Shayna enjoys watching and analyzing movies, and she’s on her way to writing a book! What Ms. Shayna finds most rewarding is that all that attention to detail helps the organization and the students! There’s nothing better than making a positive difference in another's life.


Leap & Bound Academy employees paid interns from local high schools to capture our frequent special events, help out in the office, and learn vocational skills such as writing, editing, photography, video production, and social media marketing.

Ms. Amanda - South Torrance High School

Specialty: Video Production, Social Media (Facebook)

Hi! My name is Amanda. I am seventeen (17) years old and a senior at South High School in Torrance. I love playing sports- I’ve played soccer, softball, and run track for my high school. I am also a member of Youth and Government, a program that emphasizes public speaking and state legislature, where I am currently trying out to be California’s Youth State Chaplain. In my free time, I like to make short films. I have won a few local film contests before, and last year I entered a movie in the All American High School Film Festival.

My job at the Leap and Bound Academy is to keep parents updated on what their kids are doing during the day. I take pictures and videos of classroom activities, then write about them on LBA’s blog and social media accounts. I am an experienced writer and frequent social media user, so I am excited to help Leap and Bound create a window for parents into their child’s school day!

Ms. Rachel - Palos Verdes High School

Specialty: Photography, Social Media (Instagram)

Bio coming soon.

Mr. Ian - Mira Costa High School

Specialty: Social Media (Pinterest)

Bio coming soon.

Ms. Rebekah - Palos Verdes High School

Specialty: Writing & Editing

Bio coming soon.

Mr. Luke - Mira Costa High School

Specialty: Social Media (Twitter)

Bio coming soon.

Ms. Hannah - Mira Costa High School

Specialty: Video Production, Photography

Bio coming soon.

Ms. Casey - Palos Verdes High School

Specialty: Photography, Analog Art

Bio coming soon.




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