Computers, Coding, & Netiquette

Taught by Professor Rodney San Jose, B.S. Computer Science

 Computer Coding Skills

Computer Coding Skills

 Analyze & Solve Problems

Analyze & Solve Problems

 Team Building Skills

Team Building Skills

 Scratch Jr

Scratch Jr

Computer science

  • What computers do
  • Exploring devices
  • Hardware dissection
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Loops & logic
  • Game design



A private (closed group) social media experience - NO online strangers.

Learning social skills through supervised messaging to classmates.

What is Netiquette?

“Netiquette (Internet etiquette) - The governing of what conduct is socially acceptable in an online or digital situation.”

- Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary

Simply put, netiquette is teaching the proper way to use technology responsibly.

All children learn table manners, classroom etiquette, how to play nice with their friends, and so on. Now that technology is becoming an ever more pervasive and integrated part of our lives, it's time to start looking at digital places as a part of real life.

When making an account on a social media site, you get a technical feature guide, but no social guide. In a closed environment, safe from strangers, LBA is offering that guide.


3 Parts to LBA’s Computer Science Class

  1. Principle and foundation of computer programming

  2. Development of problem-solving and analytical skills

  3. Netiquette - Purpose and proper usage of computers


Computer Science Goals

  • Prepares your child for future opportunities.

  • Learn to be both self-sufficient and work together as a team.

  • Become effective communicators with good netiquette.
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