LBA's Hot Lunch Program

Leap & Bound Academy offers a variety of hot lunch dishes to full-day and morning students.

Allergy-friendly commitment

Leap & Bound Academy is a nut-free school.

All dishes that contain meat can be substituted for a vegetarian alternative.

If your child has any other dietary needs, please speak with your director.
We do our best to accommodate every student.

10 Food Facts That Keep LBA Kids Healthy

1. This menu is made from Chef Jose's original recipes!
2. Fresh fruits or vegetables are served with every meal.
3. Fat-Free Milk (or soy milk) without RBST is served daily.
4. Cheese sauce is made of 100% Real Cheese with no Cellulose.
5. All chicken dishes are cut from Skinless Chicken Breast only.
6. The Grilled Cheese Paninis use 98% Lean Ham (or just cheese).
7. We use Kosher Spices for Lunch, and Kosher Raisins with no sugar added at Snack Time.
8. LBA is a 100% Nut-Free School.
9. LBA is a 100% Juice-Free School.
10. Our food is baked, never fried.


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